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[ft-l] Big Cypress

You'll need a (free) permit if you are planning to hike
through the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation.
Contact the FTA Office in Gainesville at (toll-free)
1-877-HIKE-FLA for info about the permit.  Reservation
permitting takes about 1 month to process, so get with the
FTA office by December.

Also, I'd take Daryl up on his offer to hike with him,
especially as it is likely with the moderate El Nino to be
very wet next January.  Daryl knows the swamp, where the dry
spots are, etc. and it's fun to hike with his small swamp
tromping group.


> I'm from Indiana, and planning an early January
> 2003 start for a one-month hike north on the FT,
>but see a problem getting from the Miami airport
> to Big Cypress. Any suggestions or advice?