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[ft-l] Tropical Island Ruck

What? You mean that your personal organizer/cell phone/beer bottle opener
won't receive football games on the trail? What kind of hiker are you?

You've got to get with the program, update your hiking checklist, visit
Circuit City instead of Worldwide Outfitters!

Lee I Joe

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> Sorry Folks, but it's football season, and the Vols are
> playing Saturday the
> 7th.  unless I can be home by 7:00 for the game, I can't go
> to the Ruck.
> But, since they are playing some two-bit little college, the
> game may not
> even be on, sooooo.  But then again, I'd like to see the
> Hurricanes whoop the
> Gators (Sorry, Teresa).  So I don't know.  why does hiking season and
> football season have to start at the same damn time?
> Undecidedly,
> Kelly
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