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[ft-l] Avalon and Seabranch


The Tropical Trekkers Chapter maintains the trails in St. Lucie and Martin
Counties. Seabranch is in Martin County just south of Cove Road on A1A/Dixie
Highway. There is a short 4-5 mile loop on the property. It is mainly a sand
scrub habitat similar to the Ocala NF, very hot in summer. It is managed
under the jurisdiction of the St. Lucie Inlet State Park and is not
considered a seperate unit by the Park System. If you need any further info
let me know. Avalon is a new property and Tom Clements, the chapter FTA
board representative has more info on it.
Doug McCoy
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Subject: [ft-l] Avalon and Seabranch

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>Does anyone know anything about Avalon State Park and Seabranch State Park
>and whether they have hiking? They're both located near Ft. Pierce / St.
>Lucie, but the state website has no details about them. I recall hearing
>one of our chapters blazed a trail at Seabranch.
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