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[ft-l] 50 Hikes in Central Florida

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Well, after a year's worth of trip reports and teasers, I'm pleased to
announce that I'm finally holding a copy of "50 Hikes in Central Florida" in
my hands, hot off the press. They start shipping next week. I'm thrilled with
how it looks and feels, and how they managed to get 312 pages into a
not-so-hefty package. And our librarians will be thrilled with the
comprehensive index. <G>

I'll be giving a talk & slideshow on Central Florida's trails and signing
books at the Central Florida Regional Conference in October. The FTA will
start selling them through the bookstore, too. In the meantime, thanks to all
of you who either went hiking with me or contributed your expertise via email
... you all get a thank you in the front of the book. ;-)

Cheers, Sandy