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[ft-l] Tropical Island Ruck

I guess that mean you all won't be attending the State
Board Meeting?
Paul J Guyon
Dear God, Please protect me from
your followers.
> I propose a ruck on Saturday, September 7 on Sanibel Island, Florida.
> Knowing that these things are successful in inverse proportion to the amount
> of logistical preparation involved, here's the game plan (which may change
> completely if the participants desire, or perhaps even if they are opposed).
> Since it is completely foolish to propose a hike in the middle of a hot
> tropical day, let's meet at noon at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.
> The foolish hikers can go for a hike, and the non-foolish hikers will be
> offered up as gator bait!  :)
> After our sauna hike, we will retire to an as yet unchosen eatery and engage
> in ruck- like activities until such time as the proprietor feels that said
> activities should be removed to a new location.
> The ruckees will then decide whether a new venue is to be procured, or
> perhaps a beach walk or other frolicking will ensue.
> My apologies for the rigidity of the schedule!
> Please respond, or not, if you'd like to attend, or not, so we can plan
> properly, or not.  I believe I've covered everything thoroughly, but perhaps
> not.
> Happy trails,
> Solar Bear
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