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[ft-l] Tropical Island Ruck

I propose a ruck on Saturday, September 7 on Sanibel Island, Florida.
Knowing that these things are successful in inverse proportion to the amount
of logistical preparation involved, here's the game plan (which may change
completely if the participants desire, or perhaps even if they are opposed).

Since it is completely foolish to propose a hike in the middle of a hot
tropical day, let's meet at noon at Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.
The foolish hikers can go for a hike, and the non-foolish hikers will be
offered up as gator bait!  :)

After our sauna hike, we will retire to an as yet unchosen eatery and engage
in ruck- like activities until such time as the proprietor feels that said
activities should be removed to a new location.

The ruckees will then decide whether a new venue is to be procured, or
perhaps a beach walk or other frolicking will ensue.

My apologies for the rigidity of the schedule!

Please respond, or not, if you'd like to attend, or not, so we can plan
properly, or not.  I believe I've covered everything thoroughly, but perhaps

Happy trails,

Solar Bear