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[ft-l] Activities

This is a great trip, I have done the river from the dam to Tionesta
several times. I am doing it again from 9-4 to 9-7 in fact. Too bad I'm
learning about your trek over the NCT at this point, a month ago I could of
switched some things to get with you on this. Sounds like a great trip


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For some reason a conoeing/hiking trip to PA did not get into the last
of the footprint.  I will be leading the trip which is scheduled to start
Sept 29 and last to Oct 12.  The first week will feature a three day canoe
trip down the Alleghey River (a National Scenic River) from Kinzua Dam to
the town of Tionesta.  We'll camp on Islands of the Allegheny River Island
Wilderness.  The second week we'll do a series of day and overnight hikes
the North Country and other Trails in the Allegheny National Forest.  Base
camp will be at the Schuler Family log cabin (Teaberry Knoll) in Barnes,
(near Sheffield)

If anyone is interested let me know. rschuler@mpinet.net
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