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[ft-l] Florida Trail Map question

Thanks for the reply and I understand the issues of economics. Like I said I
was sure the idea had been touched on. Thanks for the heads up on the new
format. Will be looking forward to the details.

Thanks again for the reply,
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> We have looked into that and at this point we can not afford
> it.  To use the waterproof paper we would have to switch
> from using a copy process to offset printing.  With the
> number and limited quantitiy of maps that we print it is
> just not economically feasible at this time.
> We continue to look at different printers and print
> processes.  Next summer we will be looking at the
> feasibility of going to bigger paper and a larger scale on
> the maps.  That is, having the same coverage in each of our
> map packets but fewer and larger sheets of paper.  But
> again, it will depend on the economics.
> The AT can afford it because they sell several thousand of
> each of their maps and only update the maps about every 5
> years.  With the amount of new trail we're building and
> relocating we need yearly updates. Again, it's a simple
> matter of economics.
> BTW, the revised maps will be available by the end of
> September.  All the maps will have a new "look and feel" to
> them. The maps have been simplified and icons representing
> campsites, trailheads, water sources, etc have been added so
> you don't have to flip from front to back quite so
> frequently.  A scale bar, legend and Lat and Long tics have
> also been added.  The next Footprint includes a article with
> more information.  These maps represent sort of an
> intermediate step in the journey to where I want our maps to
> be within a couple of years.
> Deb Blick
> Trail Inventory Coordinator
> Florida Trail Assn.
> >
> > Is there any plans to upgrade the maps of the FT to
> > the waterproof/tearproof map stock?
> >
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