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[ft-l] Florida Trail Map question

We have looked into that and at this point we can not afford
it.  To use the waterproof paper we would have to switch
from using a copy process to offset printing.  With the
number and limited quantitiy of maps that we print it is
just not economically feasible at this time.

We continue to look at different printers and print
processes.  Next summer we will be looking at the
feasibility of going to bigger paper and a larger scale on
the maps.  That is, having the same coverage in each of our
map packets but fewer and larger sheets of paper.  But
again, it will depend on the economics.

The AT can afford it because they sell several thousand of
each of their maps and only update the maps about every 5
years.  With the amount of new trail we're building and
relocating we need yearly updates. Again, it's a simple
matter of economics.

BTW, the revised maps will be available by the end of
September.  All the maps will have a new "look and feel" to
them. The maps have been simplified and icons representing
campsites, trailheads, water sources, etc have been added so
you don't have to flip from front to back quite so
frequently.  A scale bar, legend and Lat and Long tics have
also been added.  The next Footprint includes a article with
more information.  These maps represent sort of an
intermediate step in the journey to where I want our maps to
be within a couple of years.

Deb Blick
Trail Inventory Coordinator
Florida Trail Assn.

> Is there any plans to upgrade the maps of the FT to
> the waterproof/tearproof map stock?