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[ft-l] Talbot Island tips

I've spent most of the last 20 Thanksgivings at Little Talbot.  Blackrock is a
short trail, but the destination is what you're really after.  The beach is
littered with whole trees turned to driftwood, and lots of peat/clay
outcroppings full of little critters.  Fishing's good there too.  Lots of fun.

On little Talbot there's a 4 mile trail goes up through coastal hammocks and
down along the beach.  Trailhead is along the entrance drive a little ways west
of the entrance station.  Take repellent for dear flies and midges.  Also a very
worthwhile hike.

Also a little nature trail, about a mile long, right in the campsite - follow
the south loop, it starts at the south end of that loop.  Goes through coastal
hammock and along the Ft George River salt marsh.  Also worthwhile.

And while you're in the area and into history, you may also want to check out
the Kingsley Plantation outside of Mayport and Ft. Clinch on Amelia Island.

Hope this helps, 

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I'm headed up to Big Talbot Island soon to check out the Blackrock Trail, as 
I'm working on an article about Florida's rocky shores. Is anyone on the list 
familar with this state park? Does anyone have recommendations as to the 
other hikes in the park?

Cheers, Sandy
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