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[ft-l] Talbot Island tips

Hi Sandy--I'm not familiar with the Blackrock Trail but I've been to
Little Talbot Is. often and there is a good hiking trail there behind the
dunes at the ranger station just across A1A from the campground.  Walking
down the beach there is good also though the island is in the process of
"rolling over".  They lost the fishing pier some years ago and closed
beach access at the south end, dunes are much diminished,. the sand at
the north end is new and spongy to walk on.

WHile you are at Big Talbot, continue south and check out Little Talbot.

Nancy Gildersleeve

On Sat, 15 Sep 2001 15:10:42 EDT FTCracker@aol.com writes:
> I'm headed up to Big Talbot Island soon to check out the Blackrock 
> Trail, as 
> I'm working on an article about Florida's rocky shores. Is anyone on 
> the list 
> familar with this state park? Does anyone have recommendations as to 
> the 
> other hikes in the park?
> Cheers, Sandy
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