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[ft-l] Fl trail during hunting season

Cool, the few (this number seems to keep growing) have always screwed up 
things for the many.  ATV's 16 and over, how come I see under 16 (Parents!) 
and they were wearing a bicycle helment  da goat

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>Subject: Re: [ft-l] Fl trail during hunting season
>Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 11:16:01 -0400
>Wasn't that the point of my whole post?  To quote: "As in any sport
>(including hiking and backpacking) there are a few yahoos who can spoil it
>for everyone else. "  In point of fact, I also ride a bike (Specialized) on
>trails OPEN to bicycles.  I've never been on an ATV or trail motorcycle, 
>I would not pass up the chance to ride one - on trails and in areas OPEN to
>But I will say that the recent explosion in the ATV and mountain bike
>industry has many more people out there now who need a few lessons in the
>responsibilities of riding.  Just as the explosion in backpacking in the
>70's led to the development of LNT.
> > Ah lets tread lightly.  I am a member of FTA, I ride a mountain bike 
> > 920) in the forest TRAILs sometimes, and I also ride road bikes.  So 
> > have we learned from this?  Don't lump anyone in a group and be nice.
> > da goat
> >
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