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[ft-l] Fl trail during hunting season

Ah lets tread lightly.  I am a member of FTA, I ride a mountain bike (Trek 
920) in the forest TRAILs sometimes, and I also ride road bikes.  So what 
have we learned from this?  Don't lump anyone in a group and be nice.  TYVM 
da goat

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>Subject: Re: [ft-l] Fl trail during hunting season
>Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 09:39:36 -0400
>Also agree.
>In several land user meetings I have found that we hikers are even more
>closely allied with the still hunters than with other recreational users -
>mountain bikers and ATV'ers in particular.  Still hunters walk in and are
>quiet and watchful and have very little impact. Same with the hikers.
>As in any sport (including hiking and backpacking) there are a few yahoos
>who can spoil it for everyone else.  There are also a few places with
>minimal land management supervision and past loose management practices
>where the yahoos seem to abound.
>As the state urbanizes we have fewer and fewer hunters.  But more and more
>ATV'ers and mountain bikers.  Give me a responsible hunter any day.
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> > Chris writes:
> > >BUT I resist the stereotypical notions of all hunters as fat dumb
> > >swilling cold bear and shooting at shadows.
> >
> > Agree.  While there are indeed some folks who fit the description, they
>are by
> > no means the norm.
> >
> > I'm the Section Leader out at Bull Creek and also a member of the 
> > Bull Creek, a coalition of Bull Creek user groups which includes 
> > fishermen, hikers, birders, native plants folks, ATV'ers.  We've worked
> > together not only to save BC from closure, but we continue to keep
>together to
> > be a unified voice in the ongoing management of the property.
> >
> > I can tell you that you won't find a finer bunch of folks anywhere.  
> > us for a trail maintenance activity in August (really!) to clear away a
> > volume of deadfall and dead standing trees at the little Scrub campsite,
> > got hit hard in the fires a couple years ago.  In a hot half-day we
>felled, cut
> > up and stacked around 15-20 full sized trees and cleaned up all the 
> > overgrowth at the site.  Also had time to reblaze, mow and prune a few
>miles of
> > trail.  Could not have accomplished that without FOBC's help.  Added 
> > the fellowship, history lessons and tall tales we shared as we worked
> >
> > FYI, Bull Creek is a popular hunting area, so there will be activity
>during the
> > season.  The greatest hunting use occurs during opening, closing and
> > weekends, so if you can plan your trek away from those peak times, 
> > your chances for an encounter.  Also, if you let me know about when 
> > passing through Bull Creek, I can alert FOBC to pass the word among the
> > community so they'll be on the lookout for you (not as a target!).  Hunt
> > regulations in Bull Creek REQUIRE the wearing of a minimum 500 square
>inches of
> > blaze orange during gun season, whether you're hunting or not.
> >
> > Happy trails,
> >
> > ~Pam Hale
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