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[ft-l] Re: Fl trail during hunting season

Chris writes:
>BUT I resist the stereotypical notions of all hunters as fat dumb rednecks
>swilling cold bear and shooting at shadows.

Agree.  While there are indeed some folks who fit the description, they are by
no means the norm.

I'm the Section Leader out at Bull Creek and also a member of the Friends of
Bull Creek, a coalition of Bull Creek user groups which includes hunters,
fishermen, hikers, birders, native plants folks, ATV'ers.  We've worked closely
together not only to save BC from closure, but we continue to keep together to
be a unified voice in the ongoing management of the property.

I can tell you that you won't find a finer bunch of folks anywhere.  FOBC joined
us for a trail maintenance activity in August (really!) to clear away a large
volume of deadfall and dead standing trees at the little Scrub campsite, which
got hit hard in the fires a couple years ago.  In a hot half-day we felled, cut
up and stacked around 15-20 full sized trees and cleaned up all the brush and
overgrowth at the site.  Also had time to reblaze, mow and prune a few miles of
trail.  Could not have accomplished that without FOBC's help.  Added bonus was
the fellowship, history lessons and tall tales we shared as we worked together.

FYI, Bull Creek is a popular hunting area, so there will be activity during the
season.  The greatest hunting use occurs during opening, closing and holiday
weekends, so if you can plan your trek away from those peak times, you'll lessen
your chances for an encounter.  Also, if you let me know about when you'll be
passing through Bull Creek, I can alert FOBC to pass the word among the hunter
community so they'll be on the lookout for you (not as a target!).  Hunt
regulations in Bull Creek REQUIRE the wearing of a minimum 500 square inches of
blaze orange during gun season, whether you're hunting or not.

Happy trails,  

~Pam Hale