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[ft-l] Atn: Gear junkies


Sylvia keeps saying we need some articles in the Footprint regarding gear.
Why don't you write something about your new pack for the next Footprint.

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> I just did the AT through the Shenandoahs this month on my vacation. In
> Harpers Ferry at the start of the trip I found a new pack that worked
> wonderfully for the 100 miles or so.  It's by Equinox and is called the
> Pound Plus Pack.  It is the most comfortable lightweight pack I have ever
> worn, so I thought some of you might like to check it out.  And at the $99
> paid for mine, it sure beats out all those Gregory's and Dana's for price,
> too.
> Without the hip belt they rate it as 20 oz.  With the very comfortable
> "deluxe" hip belt mine weighs in at 28 oz. There is no frame for the pack,
> folded my deflated thermarest into fourths and placed it inside the pack
> against my back.  A Z-Rest works very well too.  It has nice shoulder
> with load lifters, 2 small zipper pockets on the upper sides for things
> first aid kit, wallet, car keys and flashlight.  It has two mesh
> pockets on the lower sides for water bottles that you can actually store
> retrieve things from without taking your pack off or asking a friend for
> help.  I use a hydration system, so I used these pockets for maps, snacks,
> camera, etc.
> The pack itself is made from heavy-duty mesh with rs nylon reinforcement,
> if you're one of those would throws their pack around a lot it may not be
> right for you.  But it is very sturdy for what it is made of and with a
> of care it works well.  I carried around 25 lbs for the entire trip, so
> can't give a real recommendation for heavier loads.  But I don't think I
> would consider it if your typical load runs 35 lbs or more.  There is no
> and with the mesh you need a pack cover or interior liner.  I used the
> Equinox sil-nylon pack cover on it.  For a day of slack-packing, I was
> to cinch up the pack, hang the hydration system from the top loop and
> carried rain jacket and lunch inside the pack very comfortably.
> Equinox is becoming known for their tarps, bivys, stuff sacks, etc. but
> is their first pack and it is a winner.  They have a website at
> http://www.equinoxltd.com, but it's still under construction.  It does
> their phone number however.  http://www.backcountrygear.com/ sells most of
> their stuff, including the pack, tarp and bivy.  Go to the above link and
> enter Equinox in the search box.
> Cricket
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