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[ft-l] Lake Wales Ridge State Forest

If this is the section of the forest just outside of Fropstproof (I think it 
is) its one of the nicest trails in the state in my opinion. It was when I 
hiked it several years ago. It was Seminole SF then. The trail is through a 
fine longleaf forest with nice portions along Avon Lake and Reedy Creek.

I think its in Highlands County, not Polk and a loop trail, not part of the 
through trail.

You should hike it.

Frank Orser

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>Subject: [ft-l] Lake Wales Ridge State Forest
>Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 17:17:27 EDT
>Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the trail (part of the 
>Trailwalker program) in the Reedy Creek tract of Lake Wales Ridge State 
>Forest. Is it part of the thru-trail of the FNST? Or is it a loop off on 
>its own?
>Appreciate the info; I'd like to check into it for one of my hikes, if 
>indeed it's in Polk County.
>Cheers, Sandy
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