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[ft-l] Re: Short hike in the ONF - Juniper parking & Introduction

> As was posted in a previous message, Hidden Pond is a good source of water
(filter or boil)

I carry Iodine tablets so that won't be a problem.

>but don't cheat yourself by camping there.  Continue north for a bit and
you will come to some dry (still?) grassy prairies that offer better spots.
If you do it right
(as Colin Fletcher advises) you can pitch your tent in a position that will
be warmed (and you awakened) by the beautiful morning sun.

I'll be tarping it this weekend so maybe I'll get a nice view too!

I don't think I ever gave a formal introduction to this list (just joined a
couple weeks ago).  I'm a senior Microbiology major at UF.  Most of my
hiking has been on the AT.  My first real hiking trip was 8 days solo on the
AT the summer before this last one.
Now, I've done 235 miles so far.  Plan on doubling or tripling that number
next summer.  Also plan on doing the Wonderland trail next summer.  Within
the last six months, I've taken on an ultralight backpacking philosophy and
I love it.  This weekend I will be experimenting with quite a bit of new
equipment and i'm pretty excited about it.  I'm somewhat of a gear junkie.
That about wraps it up.  Thanks for all the tips for ONF.