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[ft-l] Re: Short hike in the ONF - Juniper parking

The wilderness area north of Juniper Springs is one of the nicest stretches in the ONF.  Not long ago, a friend and I walked N. from Alexander Springs, to Juniper, and then on to Hopkins Prairie (25 miles).

We did, as I remember, pay to park a car at both ends.  Peace of mind, I guess, more than anything.  At our jumping off point (Alexander Springs) there is a sign in process that the campground host conducted.  I have no doubt she would have called the local Sheriff's department had we not returned by dark on the day we said we would.

As was posted in a previous message, Hidden Pond is a good source of water (filter or boil) but don't cheat yourself by camping there.  Continue north for a bit and you will come to some dry (still?) grassy prairies that offer better spots.  If you do it right (as Colin Fletcher advises) you can pitch your tent in a position that will be warmed (and you awakened) by the beautiful morning sun.