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[ft-l] Juniper to Alexander Springs

Farles Prairie is my preference because if the weather
is nice, there is a beautiful lake with a beach for
swimming/fishing. It is also near the half-way point. 
I hiked that area 3 weeks ago and the water was still
very comfortably warm. They have a water pump and
bathroom.  Buck Lake was very dry when I went thru
several months ago, but I didn't check it this last
trip through.  There are quite a few trees down(trail
maintenance is just beginning this time of year here),
 but nothing you can't climb over or around. 
If you e-mail me off list I can arrange a shuttle for
you(providing I'm not out hiking!).  I live in the

Happy Hiking,
Trail Talker
> Planning on doing this hike with my 11 yr old son
> soon. Looking to overnight at either Buck Lake
> campsite or Farles Prairie campsite. I'd appreciate
> some advice.
> 1. Is one campsite favored over the another?
> 2. Is water still available at either site?
> 3. Is any type of shuttle service available between
> Alexander Springs and Juniper Springs?
> 4. How are the trail conditions?
> Many Thanks
> Mike
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