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[ft-l] hiking trip and ocala military base


The Ocala Forest area of the Florida Trail is a pretty
section.  We are getting very close to hunting season,
so you may want to wear orange vests.  I live in this
section, so if you are in the area and need any help,
contact me via e-mail.

Regarding the Ocala Military Base, I hiked that area
two weekends ago and saw no military personnel.  I did
hear gunfire when I was in that area yesterday, but
I'm not sure that it was the military because there is
also a gun range out that way.  The area is open, but
there are lots of trees down and lots of chiggers!

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> Hi, 
> 	I want to take a group of 9 teenaged girls on a
> hiking trip. We would be
> going only about 100-150 miles. Where would the best
> place be to hike?
> And is it dificult to get permits?  Thanks C. Rachel

> Ocala
> National Forrest has military installation too that
> might be affected, and
> what about Eglin?

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