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[ft-l] Ocala-area hikes

Florida State Parks don't allow hunting.  Silver River State Park DOES allow
dogs. View the State Park Pet policy at
http://www.dep.state.fl.us/parks/information/petpolicy.htm  The trails in
SRSP are signed Hiking Only, but the weekend I spent there bicycles were all
over the hiking trails.  Not enough to bother the hikers or have a great
impact on the trail surface, but enough to let me know that the park is not
going to enforce the separation of hiking and biking trails.  Also, the park
camping (as in all Florida State Parks) is set up for RV camping, meaning
all sites are gravel-filled.  So, if you are planning on tent camping, be
sure to bring thick mattresses.  And, altho new, this park is becoming very
popular as people find out about it.  Snow birds were starting to set up for
the season when I was there 3 weekends ago.  You'll probably need
reservations to camp there.

Marshal Swamp MAY allow small game hunting this year, but I don't think
Office of Greenways and Trails is going to allow general gun hunting this
year.  Hunting on the Cross Florida Greenways is a little uncertain right
now as they work out their regulations with FFWCC.  You can get more info at
http://www.floridadep.org/secretary/comm/2001/01-175.htm and
http://www.floridadep.org/gwt/ On the Cross Florida Greenway there are
separate hiking, biking and equestrian trails within the same corridor.
They share some sections of trail (at road crossings, around camping areas
and trailheads, for example).  Again, the different tracks are signed, but
no one is out there to enforce the policies.

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> Hi Sandy,
> Thanks Again!  They all are within my range, of course I'm spoiled since I
live about 3.5 miles from the AT here in PA and actually cross it everyday
on my way to work.
> Are these trails hiking only, or will we  run into bikes, horses etc?  Can
I take a leashed dog?  Do I need to wear orange?  They all sound like great
suggestions and we'll  be sure to try the Silver Springs SP trails.
> Did I say Thanks Again!
> Steve
> FTCracker@aol.com wrote:
> > Hi, Steve!
> > Glad to hear you're visiting again. What's your radius for
hikes...around Ocala? There are several brand new trails open, some short
enough to take the kids. Most notably:
> >
> > Marshall Swamp Trail -- off Sharpes Ferry Rd, two lights south of SR 40
on SR 33, turn left. Trailhead on right about 4 miles. beautiful 2.5 mile
walk through hydric hammock, much of it on boardwalks. Best done in winter
when mosquitoes are minimal. One-way, so either leave a car at the other end
(new Baseline trailhead for greenway trail) or turn around and come back.
> >
> > Johnson Pond Trail -- off CR 39 just 2 miles north of SR 200, west of
Ocala. Nice 2.8 mile walk through sandhill, rosemary scrub, pine flatwoods,
and hardwood hammocks, past a large flatwoods pond.
> >
> > Silver Springs State Park -- just opened a new campground. 8 miles of
trails broken up into 4 different trails, all accesible from one trailhead.
Two go down to the river for beautiful views. Lots of new interpretive
markers, best I've seen yet. Just off SR 33 about a mile south of SR 40 at
Silver Springs.
> >
> > Cheers, Sandy
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