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[ft-l] February 2002 Where to go

I think you will find that the experience of hiking during general (modern)
gun season differs from area to area.  For example, I have no problem hiking
in the Ocala or Osceola NF during general gun, but I personally wouldn't
risk the Withlacoochee State Forest.  Local hikers and maintainers can tell
you how "hot" specific areas are and you should wear lots of blaze-orange.
(The FTA has a nice blaze-orange baseball cap in it's store.  Plus get one
of the mesh vests at any sporting goods store.)

Be forewarned however, that camping is generally resticted to the
established campgrounds during general gun and some times during other
seasons.  In Ocala and Osceola that isn't much of a problem because there
are designated camping areas every 7 to 10 miles.  In Apalachicola NF on the
other hand, there is a 30-mile stretch with no camping allowed. FTA is
currently working with the Apalachicola to establish a couple of designated
campsites in that stretch, but they won't be available this year.

> Personally, I don't hike in General Gun season.  It's too unpredictable,
> IMO.  Most of the General Gun seasons end in the beginning of Jan.  This
> typically when people consider it to be the start of hiking season.
> in small game season is typical.  You are less likely to be mistaken for a
> skunk than a deer, well.... at least visually speaking.
> Jeff Walters
> "Prairie Dog"