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[ft-l] February 2002 Where to go

Everyone, if you don't have this link bookmarked do so now!

This is probably one of the best places to find hunting dates for areas in
Florida.  Click on the "Hunting" Link (under the Quick List).  Then click on
one of the WMA Regions under the heading "Wildlife Management Area (WMA)
Regulations and Maps".

Then click on the area of interest, such as Ocala:
GENERAL GUN:  November 10 through January 6
SMALL GAME: January 7 through March 3

Personally, I don't hike in General Gun season.  It's too unpredictable,
IMO.  Most of the General Gun seasons end in the beginning of Jan.  This is
typically when people consider it to be the start of hiking season.  Hiking
in small game season is typical.  You are less likely to be mistaken for a
skunk than a deer, well.... at least visually speaking.

One other interesting thing about General Gun season dates.  You'll notice
that General Gun season seems to end earlier in the south of Florida than it
does in the northern panhandle of Florida.

Some examples:

BIG CYPRESS -- through January 1
OCALA -- through January 6
OSCEOLA -- through January 6
APALACHICOLA -- through January 30

The Jan. 30th date for the Apalachicola National Forest is typically why FT
Thru-hikers choose to hike from South to North.  If a thru-hiker starts in
Big Cypress on January 2nd and starts to hike north then General Gun will
most likely be over by the time he or she reaches the Apalachicola National
Forest.  Unfortunately, the FTA - FT Maps are numbered from North to South.
Oh why, why, why... Anyway, I hope that sheds some light on things.

Jeff Walters
"Prairie Dog"

> I'd like to take a St. Johns County Boy Scout troop to
> the Ocala National Forest the weekend of February 15 -
> 17.
> Some questions:
> Is hunting season over?
> Do you recommend the Alexander Springs area or the
> Juniper Springs area?
> How are the boardwalks between Clearwater Lake and
> Alexander Springs?
> Is the Alexander Springs canoe run available in
> February?
> Our backup plan would likely be at Gold Head Branch
> State Park.
> Is an FTA Trail builder available, interested in
> joining us for dinner and campfire, and tell the
> scouts about the Florida Trail?
> Thanks in advance,
> Mark Nickerson (mark@nickpvb.com)
> Boy Scouting and the FTA a nice combo
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