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[ft-l] Foxahatchee(?)

It is called the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve.

You can get info off the web at the site of the Everglades Park.

However, the map is a little missleading. There are two aspects of the
park. One is the 2000' boardwalk which you access from SR41 (Tamiami
Trail) east of Naples about 35 miles at a place called Big Cyprus Bend.

This is an interesting side trip into the swamp. Bring repellant.

The other, which I took thinking I was going to the boardwalk, was the
scenic drive, which you access at Copeland a few miles North on SR29
where it intersects SR41 near Everglades City.

This was an interesting trip. Not sure how long it was, but I would
guess 15 miles maybe. Nowhere to get off. Dirt road in very good shape.
I did not pay too much attention to distance since I keep thinking the
park entrance had to be around the next bend.

No mention of camping anywhere, including the brochure you get at the

Saw a few hawks. About it.


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