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[ft-l] Lake Okeechobee Hike

Spent a beautiful 5 days hiking the second half of the
"Big O Hike"!  The weather was beautiful and the
people were the friendliest bunch of FT hikers I have
had the pleasure of meeting.  It was lots of fun.  We
got up early each morning(to shuttles cars and beat
the heat) and were on the dike by 6:00-6:30.  We hiked
in the dark a couple of mornings and the fog really
added something to the atmosphere.  I saw lots of
Sandhill Cranes, Egrets, and other pretty birds.  As I
got close to them on the dike Thanksgiving morning,
several hundred mid-size white birds(with long dark
legs) took flight and made a loop around me as I
walked.  It was great!
Early Sunday morning I hiked behind and alongside a
gray fox as he romped in the grass below, along the
canal.  I was able to follow along and watch him for
about 10 minutes before he noticed me.  When he
finally saw me up on the dike, he stood very still as
I walked by.  What a pretty gray face, complimented by
a white throat and chest.
South Florida has some wonderful sunrises!  Can't wait
to go back next year!

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