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[ft-l] Back on the Trail

Hello Rich,
	The Section Leader in Little Manatee State Park is Ralph Hancock.
Various storms did a lot of damage to the trail in Little Manatee over
the summer and early fall. In September and again in early November,
Ralph and his crew of volunteers did a lot of work to bring the trail
back to "standard". You can congratulate him yourself at: rkhanc@gte.net
- Carl

TOKTAADN@aol.com wrote:
> Saturday -- Little Manatee State Recreation Area - 6.5 miles
[ stuff deleted to save bandwidth ] 
> A special tribute to the trail master here.  Though we passed countless
> downed trees that had recently toppled during the tropical storm, the trail
> was as well manicured as I have ever seen a trail.  If anyone knows who this
> person is, pass our kudos on to him or her.