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[ft-l] Citrus Tract, Withlacoochee State Forest

Hi Cindy,

The Citrus Tract passes through mostly sand hills and some dry hammocks with
little water. If there is, it just rained and its a puddle.

It's a beautiful hike. I like the lower sections better. The trees, bushes
and foliage are more dense. The upper pass through pine forests where you
can see for some distance.

There are some caves off of Trail 22 approximately 3/4 of a mile from CR
491. Typically, there is hunting during the weekends and possibly long
holidays. Check out this website
(http://wld.fwc.state.fl.us/hunting/wma/citrus.htm) for hunting information.
The hunt dates are hidden in the regulations in the document. Due a Find (in
page) search with your browser for the month (complete spelling) and it
should lead you to the dates.

Also, check out my website for my most recent adventures in the Tract.


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Has anyone on the list had experience hiking any of the four loops in the
Citrus Tract? Since the map says the trail is 100% dry, and backpacking the
outer loop is 40+ miles, there are some serious logistics that I need to
work out. Let me know...

Cheers, Sandy
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