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[ft-l] plea for writers/Econ hike

I am contributing for the first time, in response to Solar Bear's =20
plea for additional writers to add some trail notes to his eloquent
passages. Kudos to Sandy and Rich for their dedication in hiking
and in providing inspiration to e-readers like me.  =20

Posted Nov. 17: I enjoyed a 4 mile hike with our local FTA chapter
(Central Fla) through the Econ Forest, along the winding path
of the Econlockhatchee River. The highlight of our woodsy walk
was sighting a 12 foot (estimate) gator sunning himself on the =20
opposite bank.  This gator didn't blink or move a muscle as we oooh'ed =20
and ahhh'ed at his gargantuan size.  =20

This trail is part of the Trailwalkers program and is well-maintained
and visited frequently by bikers, horses, and hikers.  We walked it
from the Geneva Wilderness Area (on CR 426, east of Oviedo), =20
linking up with the Flagler Trail, and joining the Kolokee Trail to end
up at the Barr Street trailhead (just 2 miles down the paved road on
CR 426).  We were a group of 22 (big!) and I enjoyed the perks of
being the cow's tail.... stopping for photo opps and taking a bit
more time to enjoy the sights. =20

Some of my favorite places to pause were at stately clusters of sabal pal=
and cypress trees.  There is something sanctuary-like about these trees w=
they are clumped together, emerging from water, stretching to the sky. =20
Our weather was just right for enjoying the great outdoors. The only dist=
on our trip was the appearance of two jet-skis (and requisite jerks drivi=
ng them)
just as we sat down for a snack at the suspension bridge. Shouldn't they =20
outlaw the noise and commotion these things create? This is one group tha=
I am not interested in sharing my trail time with. =20

With this entry to our digest, I am forced to pick a trail name. During m=
y honeymoon
in Glacier National Park in Montana, I selected an Indian moniker that re=
my inherent klutziness and my preference for looking up instead of down
when I walk: "Trip-on-a-Flat-Trail." It is oh-so-accurate, but a tad bit =
long, =20
so I am shortening it to TRIPPER. =20

Happy trails to all as we enter this season of thanks and celebration,

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