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[ft-l] Blanket found near Juniper Springs

The Juniper trail northbound has a great number of 
blowdowns all the way to hidden pond, but if I am not 
mistaken it is a no chainsaw area...must be cut by 
hand.  Anyone know of a workday scheduled...also many 
blazes have been included in the blowdowns.

 I doubt this belongs to anyone on the list but
> we found a blanket near the
> trail about 500 feet east of Juniper Springs
> this weekend. We were obviously
> the first ones down the trail Saturday from all
> the spider webs and the lack
> of footprints so it must have been out there for
> at least a day or two.
> Otherwise we would have left it.
> That section of the trail especially to the east
> of Juniper has a lot of
> blowdowns and needs some major chainsaw work in
> the first 1000 feet or so.
> The trail to the west had a couple of blowdowns
> too but wasn't as bad. I
> mentioned it to the women at the gate but got
> the mechanics shrug. Her story
> on parking was $3/head, the same as the park
> entrance fee. The same for
> overnight parking. We just parked outside the
> gate. She is rather surly too.
> Bryan
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