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[ft-l] Blanket found near Juniper Springs

I doubt this belongs to anyone on the list but we found a blanket near the
trail about 500 feet east of Juniper Springs this weekend. We were obviously
the first ones down the trail Saturday from all the spider webs and the lack
of footprints so it must have been out there for at least a day or two.
Otherwise we would have left it.

That section of the trail especially to the east of Juniper has a lot of
blowdowns and needs some major chainsaw work in the first 1000 feet or so.
The trail to the west had a couple of blowdowns too but wasn't as bad. I
mentioned it to the women at the gate but got the mechanics shrug. Her story
on parking was $3/head, the same as the park entrance fee. The same for
overnight parking. We just parked outside the gate. She is rather surly too.