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[ft-l] Hike-Clearwater to Farles Lake

Hi all!

Just thought I'd say a few words on my hike with Joan
Hobson and crew last weekend.  Had a great time...  It
was a little rainy on Saturday, but warm so we dried
out easily enough.  Didn't see much wildlife, probably
due to dogs and hunters practicing for the first day
of the season.  Thank you to the trail maintainers in
this area.  All the blowdowns have been recently
cleared and the trail was very nice.
The folks at Alexander Springs were very nice and
allowed 5 hikers per site.  We had a great time dining
together and a warm fire afterwards.  Sleeping was
great in my Hennessy Hammock although I'm still slow
on the set-up.
Sunday started out sunny and warm.  Saw lots of pretty
birds and a few day hikers along the way.
Arrived at Farles Lake just as it started to rain
Nice trip over all.  The G-4 carried well and the best
part upon returning home was NO CHIGGERS or BLISTERS!

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