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[ft-l] Which would you choose?


I don't know about the first three, but if you enjoy doing long distance
hikes, St. Sebastian River Buffer Preserve is the place to go. It has over
43 miles of marked hiking trails. Most of them are loop trails varying from
2 to 10 miles long. Some of my favorites are the ones that skirt along the
bluffs overlooking the Sebastian River. If you like history, there's an old
foundation of a 1920's home called the Carlton House that you can go see.
There's a historic plaque that explains how it was built and who destroyed
it (quite interesting).

The trails are split up into three sections (northwest, northeast &
southeast) by I-95 and canal C-54. My advice is to avoid the northwest
section. It was very wet about 3 weeks ago. The northeast trails should
still be dry. Watch out for the horseback riders since they use these trails
a lot. The southeast trails is probably your best bet since they have a
little bit of everything to see including the Carlton House.

If your interested I have some pictures and trail maps for this area up on
my website at:

Happy hiking!


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> I have two days to spend in the Melbourne / Palm Bay area, and two trails
> choose out of four available. Any votes on which are the better ones?
> Malabar Scrub, Palm Bay
> Turkey Creek Preserve, Palm Bay
> Sebastian Inlet State Recreation Area, Melbourne Beach
> St. Sebastian River State Buffer Preserve, Sebastian
> Thanks for your suggestions!
> Cheers, Sandy
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