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[ft-l] Advice on Sumter County hikes

Hi, all -
As you know, I'm working on a hiking book and am coming down to my last 
selections of hikes. I've had some trouble finding anything decent in Sumter 
County. According to the various writeups in the Southwest Florida Water 
Management District webpages and the WMA webpages, virtually all of the 
public lands in Sumter County have multi-use jeep trails or sand roads, not 
hiking trails per se. 

Has anyone had a chance to check out any Sumter County trails, and are they 
hiker friendly? My questionable list includes Flying Eagle, Half Moon WMA, 
Lake Panasoffkee, Jumper Creek WMA, and Gum Slough. I am going to try the 
Panosoffkee Outlet because the description of the place sounds good, and 
there is no hunting...but no marked trails as such either.

Cheers, Sandy