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[ft-l] Big "O" Hike

The hike starts 11/17 at South Bay RV park.  Actual hike time is 8:30 AM,
but you need to get there by 7:30 to get registered, fill up on donuts,
etc.  This hike is a series of 9 day hikes, most participants stay in
campgrounds in the area, or motels.  We shuttle to each day's start
location and then go back to the campground.  Two of the campgrounds have
hot tubs and pools, so bring a bathing suit.  We usually eat out each night
a a local resturant, but this is not required.  Florida Trail doesn't
charge for the hike, but you are expected to pay your own expenses.  If you
can only hike a few days, you need to join us the night before, as we have
a nightly briefing and we do require that you attend this meeting.

We have put together a nifty hike kit that has a 30+ page booklet with all
the details & a free t-shirt, plus other items of interest.  We do charge
$10 to cover our postage and printing costs.  If you are interested  in the
kit, send a check to:  Sunny Piskura,  1904 Timberlane Circle, Greenacres,
FL 33463.  Make the check payable to:  FTA/Loxahatchee Chapter.

Schedule of where we'll be staying:

Fri & Sat - South Bay RV - in South Bay
Sun, Mon, Tues & Wed - Okeechobee KOA - in Okeechobee
Thurs & Fri - Okeechobee Landings - in Clewiston
Sat - Back at South Bay RV

If you have any more questions, just e mail me.

In Sunny So FLA