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[ft-l] Daytona Area trails

Wild Persimmon is about 4 miles is pretty wet right now, so I can't really
recommend it although the pancakes can make up for soggy boots.  St. Francis
is approx. 8 miles total, with a small extra loop thrown in.  It was dry
last month.  Washington Oaks is short, under 2 miles, but has beautiful
terrain and flowers.  Bulow at 6 miles it makes a nice day hike, altho
that's one way.  There is also a short nature walk at the Fairchild Oak
that's pretty.


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> I'm going to be in Daytona this weekend and will have some free time,
> which I thought I'd spend hiking.  Since I don't have FTA trail maps for
> the area (Bulow Creek, Wild Persimmon, St. Francis, & Washington Oaks),
> I only know what's on the FTA website, which doesn't include trail
> distances, which will obviously affect where I decide to go.  Any help
> would be greatly appreciated.  I'll post a report when I return.
> While I'm at it, let me briefly introduce myself, as I just joined FTA &
> the Suncoast Chapter.  I'm 27, live in Venice, work in Sarasota.  I'm
> just getting into adventure racing, as I enjoy kayaking and mountain
> biking as well as hiking.  I joined the FTA because I figured it was a
> good way to get involved.  I hope to be able to average a day a month of
> trail maintenance (half with the FTA, half with mountain bike groups),
> to help give back in return for the trails being there to use.  I work
> as a computer engineer/software developer and also officiate football,
> baseball, and softball at the high school level, as well as some NCAA
> Division III baseball.
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