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[ft-l] Daytona Area trails

John, welcome to the group! There are quite a few hiking trails within easy reach of Daytona. I won't speak to the ones I haven't explored, but here's the scoop on the ones I have:

Tiger Bay State Forest, on US 98 just west of Daytona: 2.2 mile loop trail, part of the Trailwalkers program. Through scrub, young pine forest, and a turpentine camp. It's north of US 98, but I don't have the directions handy. See the sjr.state.fl.us website & look up Tiger Bay for a PDF map. I'll post directions when I get home.

Hontoon Island State Park, off SR 44 just west of Deland: nice 3.3 mile out-and-back through floodplain forest and hydric hammock along the St. Johns.

DeLeon Springs State Park, Wild Persimmon Trail: 4.5 mile out-and-back with loop at end. Mostly hydric hammock, palm hammock, oak hammock with a walk through an open meadow.

Blue Springs State Park, Orange City: 8.2 mile out-and-back through hydric hammock skirting a lagoon along the St. Johns. May be flooded. I'm hoping to go there Saturday if it isn't.

Washington Oaks: there is an FT loop trail there I haven't done, but the best part of the park is the beach walk across the street with its weird coquina boulders. Don't miss it!

Hope this helps!
Cheers, Sandy