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[ft-l] Seabranch Preserve State Park?

Seabranch Preserve is maintained by the Tropical Trekkers. It is located on
A1A about 2 miles south of Cove Road in Stuart. It is considered part of the
St. Lucie Inlet State Preserve. There is a loop trail there that is hiked
often by our chapter and we always make it back. I'll check with the
trailmaster,Audrey Minnis for more info. It is  a pretty walk through a
scrub habitat much like areas of the Ocala NF...big sandpines, hollies,
rosemary, deer moss, etc....
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>I think it's fairly new.  I went to the State Park website and it was
>listed, but there is no link to any info yet.  My internet research has
>revealed the following:  It's in Martin County, 919 acres on St. Lucie
>inlet.  Scrub and estuarine habitat.  Located near the VFW post on S.E.
>Dixie Highway.  Open to the public for passive nature hiking and
>photography.  Over two miles on interconnecting trails that wind through
>freshwater and mangrove swamps, mesic and scrub flatwoods and sand pine
>I was hoping that someone from one of our southern chapters could tell me
>whether we actually have built or are building trail in there.
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>> Never heard of it, and I have the state parks guide from 1999. Do you
>where it is?
>> Cheers, Sandy
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