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[ft-l] Seabranch Preserve State Park?

I think it's fairly new.  I went to the State Park website and it was
listed, but there is no link to any info yet.  My internet research has
revealed the following:  It's in Martin County, 919 acres on St. Lucie
inlet.  Scrub and estuarine habitat.  Located near the VFW post on S.E.
Dixie Highway.  Open to the public for passive nature hiking and
photography.  Over two miles on interconnecting trails that wind through
freshwater and mangrove swamps, mesic and scrub flatwoods and sand pine

I was hoping that someone from one of our southern chapters could tell me
whether we actually have built or are building trail in there.


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> Never heard of it, and I have the state parks guide from 1999. Do you know
where it is?
> Cheers, Sandy
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