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[ft-l] Bull Creek

The pumps at both Jane Green and Little Scrub campsites are non-functional, and
water in the creeks was low when I last saw it March.  The recent rains may have
helped just a little.  Using the east side of the loop will keep you closer to
any water sources than the west side.  What's your intended route?  Depending on
where you'll be and when, I may be able to cache some water in Bull Creek for
you- let me know.

There is a working pitcher pump at the hunter's campsite- look for it toward
near the west-center part of the campsite.  Please filter or treat.

Pam Hale

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As we are heading out for a weekend hike of Deseret to fill in the gap in our 
Big 360 hike, can anyone give us a current conditions report.  We hear water 
is a big problem.


Solar Bear
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