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[ft-l] Green Swamp West

Bill isn't on the list but his email is bwbes@juno.com.  I forwarded your
email on to him.  The trail maintainers on this section have done a creat
job in GSW.  Bill's maintaining groups is composed of individuals from both
Suncoast and Heartland chapters.

The "timber harvest" was done about a week before the FTA Annual Conference.
Neither Bill nor the SWFWMD recreation specialist was informed of the
decision to do the cutting.  Bill was absolutely sick about it.  He took the
recreation specialist out there and showed it to him and he didn't like it
either.  Hopefully we will have advanced notice next time SWFWMD makes
decisions like this.


> A wonderful place. I don't know if anyone out there has Bill Summers email
> address, or if he's lurking on the list, but I just want to pass along
> congratulations for a job well done. North of Ranch Road, it's one of the
> prettiest trails I've seen yet in this state....and the bridges are a
> I am, however, curious WHEN the state decided to blast through and
clearcut a
> mile or so of the brand-new trail. It had to be recent; some of the trees
> still had dried green leaves on it. Anyone know?
> Cheers, Sandy
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