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[ft-l] Big O Hike

Sandy, I got your message last night but had to stay off the phone in hopes Jon would call.  (The life of those who wait.)  I think I owe YOU a dinner for giving me my 15 minutes of fame.  At any rate, this weekend is packed to the gills with 8th grade dance committee (decorating the gym), a Seminole County hike tonight (led by the folks who choose and protect those Seminole county wilderness properties), Greg going to a party on Sunday, baking and box packing, and the usual household chores.  Monday night is a parents' meeting for the Oviedo High freshman football squad--yes, Greg is going out for the team.  It's busy at my house!

Next Friday I have dinner with Kim, lead a hike Saturday morning, etc.  Maybe we can at least talk when you're back in town.