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[ft-l] Big O Hike

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>I was looking for some information on the Big O Hike in November.  I know 
it's around Thanksgiving, but can someone tell me the dates for this year? 

Other info needed:  approximate pace/experience level; camping arrangements

(tent, RV, hotel?); food arrangements (restaurant, camp-cookin?);  anything

other tidbits.<

The Big O Hike is the week of Thanksgiving, first day is 11/17-11/25.  You
walk at your own pace, we have a sweep, so we make sure we don't leave
anyone on the dike.  We usually have 40 or so people hiking each day, so
rather than try to keep track of individuals, we just have someone ALWAYS
stay at the end (usually Paul Cummings).  When he's off the dike, then we
know everyone is!  Hikers can stay at regular campgrounds, or local hotels.
 The Big O committee makes the campground arrangements, but for hotels, the
hikers have to.  We provide a list of local hotels with our hike kit.  We
also generally eat out at the local resturants, although you are free to do
your own cooking.  We also have an afternoon "Happy Hour".  Everyone brings
snacks to share and their choice of beverage.  This is when we decide what
resturant to invade that evening.

We put together a hike kit every Sept....the charge is $5 to cover postage
& printing.  The kit includes a nifty booklet that describes each days'
hike, what you need to bring, and almost any other questions you may have. 
If you want the kit, mail me a $5 check (payable to Loxahatchee
Chapter/FTA) in Sept (please NOT before then!) & I'll send you the kit.  My
address is:  Sunny Piskura, 1904 Timberlane Circle, Greenacres, FL 33463.

Any other questions, just e-mail me!

In Sunny So FLA