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[ft-l] Purchase Graphics

Thank you but we rely on FTA members for articles, updates and photos.  The 
Florida Trail Association is a non profit organization.  The FTA web site 
is also done by volunteers only (no one is paid).

Daryl Wells
FTA Web master

At 07:19 PM 05/11/2001 -0500, For Your Image wrote:
>Carol Ann Schiller,
>I have some graphics of florida countryside you may be interested in.
>If you still have a need for them and are willing to pay a little money ($50)
>please email me. I can also edit the photo's for you if you have something
>in mind. example: make them look more like paintings or drawings. I've 
>three examples with this email. they are in jpeg format. If you are interested
>in the samples they have not yet been published before so they too are
>available to you as well. I can send you higher resolution photos if needed.
>Eric Grubbs
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