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[ft-l] Do you use the FTA web site?

I agree whole heartedly.

The website is an extremely valuable resource,
especially for non-Floridans.


--- Erskine Fincher <fincher2@nettally.com> wrote:
> If I remember correctly, the website was how I
> discovered that the FNST 
> exists. I know that I discovered it online. At the
> very least, the website 
> was where I got most of my initial information about
> the trail. Improving 
> it would be better than getting rid of it, imo. More
> could be done with the 
> site to sell the trail to non-Floridians.
> At 04:16 PM 5/2/2001 -0400, you wrote:
> >Do you use the FTA web site?  Do you think it is
> worth continuing?  Do you
> >feel the state-wide newsletter "Footprint" is
> enough?  Please add your
> >thoughts.
> >
> >Daryl

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