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[ft-l] $189.50,

And we put the kabash on that thought more than a few years ago.  The Annual
meeting is where we cast our vote for officers - charging above and beyond our
costs amounts to a poll tax, and your BoD said nay! nay! to that long ago.  The
only "fund raising" is voluntary - the auction & raffle.

As per my earlier email - except for the registration fee, what you paid for
lodging and meals was what the FTA had to pay the camp for you!

Again, my challenge - help us find a cheaper alternative!

Your humble registrar,

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my son is in college now but he was raised FT.  some years we simply could
not afford to take the family to the annual meetings. when we did, we
always took an extra kid.   i complained once about the cost, and was told
mighty fast that these gathereing are ANNUAL FUND RAISERS, that's the whole
point, and regretfully, not everybody could afford it.  so i never
complained again.


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