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[ft-l] children in meetings

As one who used to speak to large crowds of adults who may have children 
along I always expected that children would wiggle, giggle and be noisy.

They are, after all, children.  And that's what children do, and should be 
expected to do.  They were never any distraction to me.  Perhaps because of 
how I viewed their presence.  I viewed them as delightful little beings who 
brought their own style and life to the meeting.  I agree strongly with 
whoever it was that said we need more blood in the 20-30's range (not 
exactly a quote but you get the drift).  And youthful participants bring 
children.  If grandparents bring them I say more power to the grands willing 
to do such a wonderful thing with their beloved babies of all ages.  What a 
great introduction into the world of the FTA.

Now adults talking through my presentations was another thing entirely.  As 
much as I expected children to be noisy and wiggly, I didn't expect adults 
to be.  THAT is incredibly distracting as well as rude.  If you want to 
talk, you and your conversational partners should remove yourself from the 
meeting in progress.  It's the same courtesy you'd want extended to yourself 
if you had the floor.

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