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[ft-l] Hike report (Orlando to Okeechobee)

I just came back after doing an absoloutely wonderful
10 day backpack trip from Orlando to Okeechobee.
I am presenting some questions and also some general
notes that I made from my recollections of the hike.
In general its GREAT to be out hiking for 10 days.
It appears that the longer the hike the more enjoyable
it becomes.

We started off where the Beeline intersects the
trail (520 road walk) and ended it in the town
of Okeechobee. I would like to thank the members
of this list and the FTA for their dedication
in maitaining the FNST.



1. We saw two yellow snakes with black stripes.
   One was about 6 ft long and the other was 4 ft
   long. What kind of snake was it ?

2. There was a potato like vegetation which we found
   on the ground. It tasted bitter. We were hoping
   to be able to cook it. What was it ?


General notes:

1. Saw tortoises, armadillos, snakes, deer, foxes,
   turtles, wild hogs, turkeys, alligators.

2. It was extremely dry. 

4. Water source at point 2 in map 24 (Wolf Creek 
   crossing) could not be located. We tried for 
   sometime and gave up. Perhaps a blue blazed trial 
   will help. It does exist according to a local
   we met in Rodeo Grounds.

5. Pump at point 5 in map 24 (start of the Bull Creek 
   WMA, going south) is non-functional. It has a 
   broken handle.

6. Pump at point 18 in map 24 (end of the Bull Creek 
   WMA, going south) has a leaking gasket.

3. The trail thru Deseret ranch betwen points 20 and
   21 in map 24 needs to be blazed properly. We had
   to bushwack that section.

7. Plastic container to prime pump at point 6 in
   map 33 (intersection of loop trials in Three Lakes
   WMA) is unusable.

8. A lot of work seems to have been done recently
   between Boney March WMA and Hickory Hammock WMA.
   There was this huge HIGH bridge that we used
   to cross. It was very impressive.

9. We just walked along the railroad to get from
   point 5 to point 7 in map 35 (End of Hickory   
   Hammock to start of Yates Marsh WMA). Its quite 
   amazing to sleep near the tracks. Saw several
   AMTRAK and freight trains go by. Very cool.

10. DIY Alcohol stoves made using a soda can are 
    VERY good. I am surprised that more pple are not
    using them. It now seems idiotic to use anything

11. Using a trap as the tent ground-cloth is also a
    good idea. I might also experiment with using
    a tarp instead of a tent in the future. Tents
    are just too heavy.

12. Cost us $45 to go from Orlando airport to where
    the Beeline intersects 520.

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