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[ft-l] FTA Annual Conference

Doug wrote:> 
> Do you mean that people with children under age x shouldn't come to the
> conference.

	Nope.  My suggestion was worded to suggest that the children 
themselves should not be at the meetings and programs and a place for
them should be provided elsewhere.  It was only a suggestion.  I don't
know why the noise was so bad this time.  Most people are considerate
enough to leave gatherings when their kids are crying or whining or noisy.
As a Mom, I've had to do that plenty of times!  As was said on this list
before, I believe, people should be free to make suggestions without 
having folks get all upset.  Sorry.
> ... If we put a VCR and a TV  with a couple of movies in the small
> classroom this would all be a moot point.

	Activities for kids and a "sitting"-type service are great ideas
for freeing up parents to attend the adult activities.  
	-- eArThworm

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