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[ft-l] FTA Annual Conference

Pam wrote:
> To those who attended the FTA annual conference, I'd like to get your comments
> on it - what you liked or did not like; things we could add, remove, change;
> things we do well, things we could to better.  Stuff like that.

1.  I was distressed about the change in the time of dinner Friday night.
	I almost didn't make it, and was sad for those that got there too
	late, thinking it was at 6:00.  5:00 is really too early for dinner
2.  Yes, the people talking and the children whining were most annoying.
	I wish we could find a place where the programs could be in a room
	away from the food and drink, behind closed doors.  And a notice
	that children under age _x_ must not be brought to the programs &
3.  Thanks for having coffee and other drinks available all day.  That was
	a definite plus.
4.  A place with more space for registration, the store, the photo contest,
	etc. would be nice.
5.  Darkening rooms for slides has been a problem at almost all trail
	gatherings I've attended...FTA, AT, the Gathering, etc.  Do we need
	to buy bolts of black felt and duct tape to cover windows??  ;-)
6.  The programs were good, as usual.  Thanks, Jon.
7.  I, too, wish there had been more time for socializing.  Some of us had
	planned to get together after the program Saturday night, but when
	everything ran overtime, we lost out on that.  I hope a solution
	to the raffle thing can be found.  It definitely was fun, but also
	definitely too-o-o long.

	Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on everything!!
		-- eArThworm

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