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[ft-l] FTA Annual Conference

This one's already on the table to figure out how to do better.  Sunny came up
with an idea I think we may try next year - draw for raffle prizes throughout
the day on Saturday and post the winning numbers.  Ticketholders would need to
stop by periodically to check the numbers.  We'd leave a few of the bigger ones
to raffle off along with the auction.

How do you all think that would fly?  Any other suggestions?


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Of course, I'm pejudiced, but I thought there was a great line-up of programs.
The worst part was that so many people missed Eb's talk and even more missed Jan
Benshop singing.  Both were wonderful and deserved a much bigger audience.  We
need to re-arrange things so that if we're going to have such good programs, we
put them on at a time when more folks are awake!

Are we maybe getting too many give-aways in the raffle?

Joan Jarvis

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